Eggers Woods to Navy Pier to Elmhurst

Section 1:

From the historic industrial Calumet area, to the world famous Chicago Lakefront, this section of the Grand Illinois Trail takes you through the dynamic, big-shouldered City of Chicago. Past ethnic museums on the boulevard system, into Oak Park and its literary and architectural traditions, and on to the Prairie Path, this route is intensively packed with sites.

Go Direction On Distance (mi)
Start: 112th St and Burnham Greenway
N Burnham Greenway to end of trail 1.0
L NW Indianapolis Blvd to 100th St 0.5
R E Under viaduct on 100th St to Calumet Park 0.3
Follow Walton Rd north, then Foreman Dr east around the park to exit at 95th St & Ewing 1.2
R NW Rte 41 (Ewing Ave) over the Calumet River 0.5
R N Rte 41 (Mackinaw), the now demolished U.S. Steel site is on your right 0.6
L W Rte 41 (87th St) 0.1
R N Rte 41 (Burley Ave) 0.5
L W Rte 41 (83rd St) 0.1
R N Brandon Ave 0.5
L W 79th St 0.2
R NW Coles Ave, to its end at the South Shore Cultural Center 1.2
L W Lakefront path along South Shore Dr 0.1
R N Lakefront path along South Shore Dr 0.5
L W/N Lakefront path along Lakeshore Dr through Jackson Park and to Navy Pier approx 10
L W Grand Ave (if eastbound take Illinois St) to Wells 1.0
R N Wells St 0.3
L W Chicago Ave 1.1
R NW Milwaukee Ave 0.4
L W Augusta Blvd (enter Oak Park at Austin, 5.8 miles) continue west on Augusta to Keystone 8.3
L S Keystone, at 0.8 miles jog left SE on Hawthorne and right on Keystone after crossing under bridge 1.1
R W Washington Blvd 0.8
L S 5th Ave to Illinois Prairie Path 0.4
R W Illinois Prairie Path to Salt Creek/Elmhurst (just east of Rte 83 bridge) 7.5