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Openlands and Blacks in Green Pen Op-Ed in Response to the Chicago Tribune’s Tree Inequity Investigation

In response to a recent Chicago Tribune investigation, which found that the city of Chicago has planted more trees in wealthier, whiter areas, Openlands’ Daniella Pereira and Naomi Davis of Blacks in Green explain in a Chicago Tribune op-ed that in order to combat climate change, Chicago needs to maintain and strengthen its tree canopy.

Gaining Ground Through Volunteering at Hackmatack National Wildlife Refuge

It started with a question, “Why can’t we have a National Wildlife Refuge here?”  and a conversation among dedicated individuals. Hackmatack National Wildlife Refuge, which this fall will celebrate ten years since its official establishment, began just like that and has grown to a partnership of many organizations and individuals, including Openlands, and the protection of over a thousand acres and counting, for wildlife and people.