Caledonia to Winnebago

Section 6:

This section of the GIT includes the west end of the Long Prairie Trail, the road system through Rock Cut State Park, and the extensive bike path network of the Rockford area. The trail runs on-road west of Rock River except for a several mile stretch of the Pecatonica Prairie Path.

Go Direction On Distance (mi)
Start: Long Prairie Trail & Main St in Caledonia
L SW Main St 0.2
L SE Caledonia Rd (careful!) 0.7
R W Kelley Rd 2.8
R NW Beloit Rd to unnamed street on left just before stop sign 0.5
L W unnamed street (Main St) 0.1
L S, W Argyle Rd–At 1 mile, Argyle curves west and becomes Harlem Rd. Follow it one more mile to the entrance of Rock Cut State Park 2.5
R N State Park entrance road—Cross the bridge over I-90 and “T” into the park’s loop road. Turn right on it. At approximately 1 mile turn left at “Campground and Lake Access” sign. If not camping, continue to follow the loop road to the west end of Pierce Lake where the Willow Creek Trail head begins. 2.0
R W Willow Creek Trail to Harlem High School 2.6
W Cross Alpine Rd at light, continue east on Gladys Dr 0.5
L SW Crystal Dr 0.5
L SW Frontage Dr alongside Rte 251 0.7
R W Roosevelt/Machesney Rd 0.4
L S Victory Ave 0.5
R W Bauer Parkway Trail and bridge over Rock River 0.7
L S Trail to the sportscore 0.6
S Rock River Recreation Path 1.6
L E Riverside Blvd Bridge 0.2
R S Follow the Rock River Recreation Path (RRRP) 3.8 miles to the park district information center in the old railroad station at the foot of the Jefferson St. bridge. From the Riverside Bridge on the north go south on the RRRP through Martin Memorial Park to River Lane east to East Dr., turn south 2 blocks to Shorewood Park. Follow the RRRP again to Forest Grove St.SE to Arlington St., south 2 blocks to Wilgus Ct. and pick up the RRRP again. Go south along the Rock River 1.7 miles to the path along Madison St. to the Jefferson St. bridge. 3.8
W Continue on Jefferson St through downtown Rockford 0.3
L S Winnebago St over the bridge 0.7
R W Cunningham St 1.1
R W Cunningham Rd 2.5
R N Meridian Rd to the Pecatonica Prairie Path Trail head (narrow mowed path) 0.2
L W Pecatonica Prairie Path to village of Winnebago. If weather makes for difficult ride, at 2.0 miles turn right on Falconer Rd, go north 0.4 miles, left on McNair Rd to Benton Rd and south to village center. 3.5