Illinois: Save Endangered Species Protections

We need to stop a bill from passing in Springfield. HB 5293 would replace two qualified scientists on the Illinois Endangered Species Protection Board with representatives from the Farm Bureau, leaving open the door to all sorts of special interests that oppose protections for endangered species. Further, it would defer additional protections to the Federal Government, and we have already seen the Trump administration’s willingness to curtail environmental protections for the benefit of special interests.

Tell your representatives enough is enough.

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About the Bill

HB 5293 would permanently weaken Illinois’ ability to protect its endangered wildlife by proposing three troubling changes to the ESPB:

  • Removes two qualified scientists from the nine-member Board and replaces them with members of the Farm Bureau. The Farm Bureau opposes all non-voluntary measures to protect nature and wildlife, including Rusty-patch bumblebees and Monarch butterflies
  • Adds a burdensome public hearing requirement when Illinois wants to designate Federally-endangered species as State-endangered species. Adding an unnecessary public hearing will slow down time-sensitive efforts to protect critically imperiled wildlife, and it may result in their exclusion from receiving critical protections in Illinois
  • Defers State authority to regulate destruction of endangered species habitats to Federal agencies. Under the Trump Administration, we can expect Federal agencies to be irresponsibly lax in their enforcement of protections

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