Federal: Support the National Wildlife Refuges

Chicago is the third largest metropolitan region in the country, but we lack equal access to public lands. Cutting support of the National Wildlife Refuges will rob us of our right to enjoy America’s public lands. Hackmatack and Kankakee National Wildlife Refuges encompass streams, wetlands, trails, and wildlife habitats, providing opportunities for recreation, fishing, and wildlife watching to urban populations nearby.

The proposed Federal budget for fiscal year 2019 completely eliminates the National Wildlife Refuge Fund.

Send a message to your congressperson and senators, telling them to support our National Wildlife Refuges.

Openlands has advocated for protecting Hackmatack as a National Wildlife Refuge for well over a decade. It was the first refuge of its kind within 100 miles of Chicago, accessible to 12 million residents, and its 11,000 acres will one day be a place where everyone can explore nature. Learn more.