Michael Beyer

Michael Beyer is the Chief of Staff at Openlands and works to ensure the organizational work culture and goals are focused on JEDI (justice, equity, diversity, and inclusivity). Michael believes our cultural fixation with individualism is the driving force causing harm to the environment and to our relationships with each other, leading to injustices, inequities, and exclusionary forces. He believes that we can only break free from these forces when we accept responsibility to community, including to those communities we do not identify with or belong to. Michael has served in public education for more than 15 years as a teacher and principal. Michael is a National Board Certified teacher, licensed Realtor, and is currently working on his certification as a Senior Professional in Human Resources. Michael received extensive training in DEI, and participated in and led several initiatives to improve DEI in public and private schools. As an educator, Michael won awards as a leading teacher, administrator, and community partner. Michael holds an Ed.D. in Education Leadership from UIC, a Master of Education from Chicago State, a Master’s degree in Art History from UIC, and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Maryland University College, where he also served overseas in the United States Air Force.

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